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What they're saying about us

"A small but significant turning point for both Jews and progressive causes, a sign of arrival for Jews 
and a return to the historic place that religion played in the public face of progressive activism."
—Jane Eisner, The Forward

"The turnout [Occupy Judaism] generated, as well as the discussion it has so far provoked, 
are deeply troubling trends that all who care about the Jewish future would do well to take seriously."
—Matthew Ackerman, Commentary

"The Occupy Wall Street protests...have increasingly been criticized by a variety of groups,
 most of them politically conservative, for flashes of anti-Semitism. But the protests have also, 
on occasion, had a distinctly Jewish flavor: The encampment has coincided with the busy 
Jewish holiday season and has witnessed, in its midst or on its edges, a crowded Kol Nidre service
 on Yom Kippur, festive dancing with a scroll on Simhat Torah...and [a] sukkah."
—Joseph Berger, The NY Times

"As for the turning point in the encampment's becoming a tent city, [Occupier Jalen Matney] said...
First, police allowed a small sukkah tent to be erected for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. 
Next, the protesters put up a medical tent...'Ever since then, tents have been popping up like crazy,' he noted." 
—Lincoln Anderson, The Villager

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